A Light on the Changes

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Daniel Doughty, Poly Prep, Brooklyn, NY

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time when emotions tend to shift, intensify, surprise, and overwhelm. Those raising or working with teenagers often find themselves in the challenging role of co-navigators on stormy seas. Uncomfortable emotions are an inevitable part of life, and a pivotal question is: How can we equip teens with the skills to embrace and manage them effectively? Dr. Lisa Damour's newest book, The Emotional Lives of Teenagers, focuses on the importance of teaching adolescents how to express and regulate their emotions. Drawing from years of clinical experience and data-informed research, psychologist Damour sheds light on the changes that occur in teenagers’ brain chemistry, aptly describing them as a “grand renovation project underway in their brain,” and offers ideas for helping teens express and regulate their emotions. While primarily aimed at parents, this book is an invaluable resource for educators or anyone committed to guiding teenagers through the emotional challenges of adolescence. Damour's ability to demystify complex concepts through relatable anecdotes makes this an accessible and relatable read. Moreover, her practical strategies offer families and educators useful tools for navigating the dynamic landscape of adolescent emotions.

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