FORGE, the newest program at the Klingenstein Center, is a professional learning experience for school leaders who seek ways to learn, grow, and make meaningful change in their schools. FORGE is a year-long engagement that begins with a four-day workshop and continues through the academic year with coaching and peer mentoring as participants take practical steps to implement change.

As a FORGE participant, you select a problem or opportunity for growth in your area of practice. During the summer workshop, you'll build capacities needed to initiate and sustain change, connect with a cohort of like-minded educators who will support you on your journey, and hone your plan for pursuing your opportunity for meaningful change. Through the year, your FORGE community of coaches and members of your guild - a small group of fellow participants - will scaffold your work and provide guidance and peer-mentoring as you work toward your goal. At the end of the year, you'll have made progress toward your goals, grown your leadership toolkit, and built a professional learning community.  


School leaders who want to implement and sustain meaningful change

A year-long learning experience that starts with a week-long summer workshop and continues through the school year with online learning and coaching.

When and where?
The FORGE 2024 summer workshop will be held from Monday, July 8 at 4:00 pm through Friday, July 12 at 1:00 pm at the Edith Macy Center just north of New York City. Coaching session during the academic year take place on Zoom as schedule by the coaches and participants.

How do I apply?
A short application is required for the FORGE program. Application will be considered on a rolling basis through May 7, 2024. The application requires a brief form with contact information and one professional reference, an updated resume or CV, and answers to short essay questions, including a description of the applicant's chosen change initiative. Once accepted, there is a registration fee of $3,950 which includes the summer workshop, including lodging and delicious meals at the Edith Macy Center, and all coaching sessions throughout the year.


Participation in FORGE is open to leaders from independent, international, private, parochial, and charter schools. A short application is required and there is a registration fee for selected participants.

FORGE 2024 will be held from Monday, July 8 at 4:00 pm through Friday, July 12 at 1:00 pm at the Edith Macy Center just north of New York City. Online coaching sessions will be held via Zoom through the 2024-2025 academic year.

The application is open. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through May 7, 2024

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Why "FORGE?"

In FORGE, we recognize that transformation is not effortless. It takes strength, vision, determination, reflection, and iterations of hard work. It involves a process of shaping, reshaping, and refining to create the finished work. Like the blacksmith, educators stand in a forge – of ideas about and practices of teaching, learning, and leading. By refining our vision, honing our practices, and reflecting on and adjusting our actions, we can shape ourselves and our schools in remarkable ways. It is hard work and we believe it is well worth it.

FORGE Facilitators

"The community my small group fostered during our week at FORGE and the following months during check-ins has been one of the most impactful aspects of my FORGE experience. Led by our incredible facilitator, we have supported each other exploring our problem of practice, unpacking important intersections of our professional and personal lives, and problem solving issues that arose throughout the year. Albeit virtual, the space we created together was such an important resource throughout my school year."
Devin Duprey
FORGE '21, Dean of Diversity Education, St. Andrew's School, DE
"The most profound gift of FORGE has been the connections I've built within my small group. Having dedicated time and space to connect with educators at different schools facing challenges that are both similar and completely different has been affirming, rewarding, challenging (in the best possible way), and helpful. Something about the FORGE program made it possible to develop deep and substantial relationships based on our shared desires to make the most of our leadership opportunities in schools."
Sara Kate May
KSI '05, FORGE '21, Science Department Chair, Middlesex School, MA
"FORGE was precisely the program I needed as I took on more leadership in my school community. The summer program presented critical ideas for consideration while creating many opportunities for personal reflection and conversation with like-minded peers from around the country. As if that wouldn't have been enough, we continued to have monthly check-ins with coaches and program members throughout the next year as we each tried to achieve our goals. Carving out a bit of time every month to discuss our work and our schools while realizing that all school leaders face similar challenges was, hands-down, some of the best personal and professional development I have ever had."
Daniel Goduti
KSI '14, FORGE '21, Science Department Chair, Haverford School, PA