A Sincere Synthesis

Submitted By:
Bianca Nunes, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, NY

Screen Damage: The Dangers of Digital Media for Children by Michel Desmurget
Polity Press, December 28, 2022

“Kids are adaptable. They were born into the digital era,” we say. Digital consumption in all different media has skyrocketed and is now a reality in our learning institutions as well. The prolonged use of media is now becoming a greater concern among teachers, doctors, and parents. In the book Screen Damage: The Dangers of Digital Media for Children, Demurget, a neuroscientist explains the negative influences of current digital usage on child development. Demurget's essay aims to present an emotional and persuasive account of his own experience and to provide readers with a sincere synthesis of the current scientific knowledge that exists in this relatively new area of study. Through continuous questions and an argumentative voice, the author confirms that some of his considerations are strong and may be flawed. However, he provides the reader with a truly eye-opening perspective and sets a sense of urgency and alertness that we, as educators, should become aware of regarding the digital world and its impact on our students. As educators, having an awareness of how to effectively teach digital literacy, will be vital in combating possible long-term consequences that can arise.

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