Boldly, Truthfully, Now

Submitted By:
Elizabeth Morley, Kobe Shinwa University, Japan

Queering Education: Pedagogy, Curriculum and Policy by Darla Linville, Editor
Bank Street College of Education Occasional Paper Series, #37, April 1, 2017

What might it mean to make education more queer? This Bank Street College of Education Occasional Paper Series, issued in April 2017, asks and explores this question from many perspectives. It includes essays that intentionally read more like personal stories than scholarly papers and reports that offer new ways of seeing, boldly and truthfully, in every paragraph. The editor, Darla Linville, identifies the purpose of this collection as illuminating "how educators might work to make schools more welcoming of queer bodies and identifications, to queer the binary categories that define social life, and [to] disrupt the . . . privileging of those who claim normative identities." This collection is relevant for all times, but perhaps especially now, because it helps us to see through new lenses possibilities for classrooms and curriculum. Though the collection acknowledges that its purposes may not mesh with standardized expectations, or with the desire to preserve the old normalcies, it is a practical, inspiring, and ultimately loving call for giving up on waiting for a receptive political climate to emerge. Instead, it shows how to move forward now, through acts of subversion small or large, toward the queering of education for all.

Gender & Sexual Identity