Curiosity through Care

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Nathan Taylor, Zurich International School, Zurich, Switzerland

On Being, a podcast hosted by journalist Krista Tippett, features interviews with people pursuing deep thinking, moral imagination, joy, and social courage. The podcast's archives date back to 2003 and feature an eclectic mix of interviewees engaging in contemplative conversations. One would be hard-pressed to find a human being more remarkable than the late Dr. Michael Rose, education research professor at the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies. Rose's 2010 appearance on On Being, "The Deepest Meanings of Intelligence and Vocation," was recently rebroadcasted following his death, and this conversation could not be more relevant to the present, ever-challenged moment. Rose speaks to the role of education in developing and dismantling deep-seated divisions in our country. Moreover, he draws on his personal experience to honor teachers' ability to spark curiosity in students through a care ethic. This episode is Rose at his best, a humble contrarian with a beautiful backstory and a "deep belief in the ability of the common person." Through Rose's words, we are reminded again and again of the true potential in all schools: the human beings that populate them.

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