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Daniel Doughty, Poly Prep, Brooklyn, NY

School discipline is a complicated topic, and reassessing or revising a school’s approach to discipline can be daunting. Hacking School Discipline Together: 10 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy and Responsibility Using Schoolwide Restorative Justice is a valuable resource for administrators or teachers who are about to embark on this process. This well-organized and easy-to-digest resource offers a concise and practical approach for those looking for fresh perspectives on discipline, and the book’s emphasis on community engagement encourages a collaborative approach to disciplinary policy-making. While its brevity does not allow for comprehensive study, its concise nature benefits busy educators who are already familiar with the subject matter or looking for an overview of the topic. Each chapter in the book presents a "hack" or simplified tip addressing a specific problem, such as ensuring consistent data collection for discipline decisions or designing de-escalation plans before they are needed. An overview of the topic is shared, followed by practical implementation advice offered under the section "What You Can Do Tomorrow," as well as a blueprint for full implementation and specific questions for administrators and faculty members. Optional timelines for community engagement and system implementation are provided, along with valuable communication and leadership tips throughout the book.

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