Interludes and Insights Across the Generations

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Eldrich A. Carr, III, Marburn Academy, New Albany, OH

Generations: The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents--And What They Mean for America's Future is a game-changer. Key to its value, Jean Twenge’s research and analysis help move many classical theories of generation change or differences into the realm of solid conclusions and usable data. While each generation receives its fair share of analysis, additional interludes and insights pertaining to certain seminal events in history are interwoven. The final chapter tackles current questions and comments on important topics, ranging from remote work to mental health, that will inevitably be impacted by the generational lens. All these insights come together to provide a striking tool for strategic thinking, particularly in a dynamic, relational sector like education. One can confidently say that anyone who reads Generations with an open mind will better understand their relationships and improve their work at large – making this book a true asset for educators. Those familiar with Twenge’s previous work in iGen will be reminded of her readability, candor, and humor while also appreciating her sound research methods and rich conclusions.

Current Events & Civic Engagement
Psychology & Human Development