Nurturing the Brilliance

Submitted By:
Jeffrey Merino, The Awty International School, Houston, TX

Revolutionary Love for Early Childhood Classrooms: Nurturing the Brilliance of Young Black Children by Gloria Swindler Boutte, Kamania Wynter-Hoyte, Nathaniel Bryan
Scholastic, November 10, 2023

Readers searching for fresh, practical guidance focused on the early childhood classroom and nurturing the brilliance of young Black children can gain much from this impactful title. The authors present a "revolutionary love" approach that empowers educators to counteract systemic racism and implement inclusive practices in all aspects of their daily routines. Organized according to the authors’ "Believe-Know-Do" framework, this book offers actionable steps for implementation and emphasizes their significance for young Black children's success and well-being. A distinguishing aspect of this title is the focus on creating safe, joyful play spaces that address the traumatic play experiences of Black children. The book offers guidance on discussing race in early childhood settings and provides tools to observe for unintentional, misperceived, or misjudged Black children's play. The text prompts reflection through thought-provoking questions, challenging educators to confront implicit biases and harmful practices. Boutte, Wynter-Hoyte, and Bryan have assembled a valuable resource for novice and veteran teachers, school administrators, and family engagement committees seeking to implement a new resource to gauge their inclusivity practices. With practical strategies, powerful ideas, and a focus on revolutionary love, it is a must-read for those aiming to foster belonging and inclusion in early childhood classrooms.

Psychology & Human Development
Student Wellness & Safety
Teaching Practice