Of Bits and Bricks

Submitted By:
Meng Lusardi, Riverdale Country School, NY

Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools by Michael Horn and Heather Staker
Wiley, January 1, 2015

If you ever wondered what "blended learning" really means and what it may look like in schools, this book will be an informative read. It dispels several misconceptions about blended learning. First, it is important to differentiate a blended-learning school from a technology-rich school. Just providing access to electronic devices is not enough. Second, blended learning does not advocate for the obliteration of face-to-face teaching by technology. Instead, it aims to blend online learning with traditional brick-and-mortar school environments in order to take advantage of both while creating an integrated learning experience. The focus of this book is not about software or other technical logistics, but rather the necessary considerations schools should deliberate when exploring blended learning options. Although blended learning may not suit all, it is nonetheless worth knowing about because it sheds light on the ways in which we can enhance student-centered, personalized, and competency-based learning in our schools.

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