Past the Critical Hundred Days

Submitted By:
Melissa Vazquez Aguilar, Far Brook School, Short Hills, NJ

Joey Coleman’s new book illuminates a step-by-step path to transform any school’s approach to employee retention. Coleman describes the eight phases of the employee experience, from being a prospective employee to becoming an enthusiastic promoter of the company. He encourages curating memorable and meaningful experiences at each phase so employees feel cared for and appreciated, leading to better productivity and retention. Each section of the book offers a comprehensive overview of each phase, including recommendations, examples, communication suggestions, quick takeaways, and thought-provoking prompts to help the reader apply the ideas to their company. School leaders will be inspired by some of the creative and innovative ideas to intentionally create faculty and staff experiences, from job posting to onboarding to far past the critical first one hundred days. Coleman’s example of the Trek Culture Book is just one that may be intriguing to school leaders. The Culture Book is given to newly hired Trek employees to help them learn about the bicycle company’s history, their new colleagues, and the “Trekisms” used inside the company. Trek’s book may provide ideas for how to smoothly onboard new hires at culturally rich independent schools – one of many potentially captivating, analogous ideas in Coleman’s book.

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