Playbook for the Age of Adaptability

Submitted By:
Jeremy Sandler, The Potomac School, McLean, VA

Raising A Kid Who Can: Simple Strategies to Build a Lifetime of Adaptability and Emotional Strength by Catherine McCarthy, MD, Heather Tedesco, PhD, and Jennifer Weaver, LCSW
Workman Publishing Company, September 12, 2023

A child psychiatrist, parent psychologist, and child psychotherapist collaborate on this “parenting playbook for the age of adaptability” that educators will also find useful. Noticing the pandemic’s long-term effects on children occur while society changes at a fast pace, the authors identify ten essentials every child needs in order to thrive. They include the importance of the “Three Rs” (rest, recreation, and routine), accepting anxiety, compassion and gratitude, and resilience. The “playbook” starts with brain anatomy, neuroplasticity, and what happens when a child’s brain is under stress. The brain development permeates chapters devoted to all ten essentials. Each chapter provides reflection questions, specific strategies, and related resources. McCarthy, Tedesco, and Weaver conclude the book with tips for cultivating the essentials amid the “digital age” of technology. The storytelling, engaging format, and accessible content makes Raising a Kid Who Can an optimal guide for parents and educators looking to expand their knowledge and implement expert advice. Parent communities can use this book to promote important conversations about health and wellness. In fact, it could unite entire school communities with tools and language to help all students thrive now and in the future.

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Science of Learning
Student Wellness & Safety