Positive, Human Fulfillment

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Patrick Gomez, The Buckley School, Pasadena, CA

Beyond Marginality: Understanding the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Difference in Educational Leadership Research by Elizabeth Murakami and Hollie J. Mackey
Information Age Publishing, September 12, 2018

While educational leadership programs seek to provide emerging school leaders with the tools necessary to navigate a rapidly evolving educational environment, this volume challenges proscribed models and provides new frameworks for engaging with research and practice. The book offers a wide-ranging look at how scholars and practitioners can transform limiting frameworks to reshape the knowledge and practice of educational leadership to address fundamental inequities in schools. Broken up into two sections – conceptual frameworks and the practical application of theory – the book provides contributions from 23 educational researchers and its two editors who identify and dismantle deficit-thinking approaches and replace them with asset-based models of understanding. Section one contains six chapters that build frameworks for conceptualizing race, gender, ethnicity, and difference in educational research and leadership. Section two, made up of seven chapters, aims to put theory into practice with writings focused on such topics as parental involvement; culturally conscious leadership; inclusivity in practice; and using racial and social justice templates for guiding research in school leadership. This collection provides much needed analytical frameworks for engaging with educational research that focuses on positive, human fulfillment, and changing the field of educational leadership for the next generation.

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