Redshirting all Boys

Submitted By:
Cassie Warnick, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine

Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It by Richard V. Reeves
Brookings Institution Press, September 27, 2022

Richard V. Reeves’ recent book states that while men at the top of the economic, social, and political ladders are doing well and thriving, men in general, particularly black and poor boys and men, are not. Supporting his claims with statistics and other data collected through years of deep research, Reeves shows how men are falling behind in school, the labor market, the economy, and the household (as absent fathers). Reeves puts forth concrete solutions to the problems he discusses, including approaching the raising of boys into men with both nature and nurture in mind. Of relevance to the education sector, Reeves proposes redshirting all boys, or having all boys enter school a year later than girls to calculate for the developmental gap in maturity that seemingly causes many boys in school to fall behind their female peers academically. Reeves also asserts that there needs to be more men in HEAL – health, education, administration, and literacy – occupations for three distinct reasons: traditional male occupations are in decline; diversifying these professions would help to meet the growing demand for labor; and more males in these professions would make it more likely for boys and men to find male providers of those services. This book offers a unique perspective on the problems facing everyday boys and men and concrete suggestions for solutions that can be helpful in an educational context, especially for those teachers of young boys and men.

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