The Lens of Circularity

Submitted By:
Emily Glore, Shore Country Day School, Boston, MA

Whether you are composing your strategic plan, evaluating your school's environmental impact, considering issues of justice and equity, or searching for creative ways to stretch your school's budget, Ron Gonen's book shines a light on the innovative yet simple solutions that can position any institution for a more sustainable and just future. Gonen first shares the history and emergence of the "take and waste" culture that is prevalent in our society today. Then, he optimistically highlights "a wealth of circular solutions" in domains like agriculture, architecture, and energy. He offers examples about building materials and strategies that have less impact on physical spaces, while also providing energy consumption benefits. He also offers simple solutions like using refill services that would eliminate the need to replace things like hand soap or investing in compostable cups as opposed to disposable ones. With these solutions in mind, and with this lens of circularity, we can reimagine the systems within our institutions, creating changes that will inspire today's learners and tomorrow's leaders.

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