Tomorrow Today

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Garth Nichols, Havergal College, Toronto, Canada

Teaching Tomorrow Podcast by Celeste Kirsh

Teaching Tomorrow is a podcast that features powerful conversations with educators and thought leaders, many of whom are in the independent school world. Each podcast episode leaves listeners with a better understanding of a big issue, a new approach to challenges in the classroom, or a reminder about why they are in this profession in the first place. As she seeks out experts in the field, Celeste Kirsh, the host, takes to heart the idea that educators need high quality, easy to access professional learning. The conversations resemble two good friends talking about teaching and learning in an enjoyable and approachable way. Each episode is about an hour long and comes out roughly once a week during the school year. Though there are many episodes available, Klingbrief readers will especially benefit from and enjoy "Decentring whiteness in the English classroom" (episode 3), "The public purpose of independent schools with Danielle Passno" (episode 4), "Everyone belonging in school through diversity, equity, and inclusion learning with Rosetta Lee " (episode 18), and "Growing up trans with Kai Cheng Thom" (episode 25). The podcast episodes are reflective in nature and invite listeners into the conversation, leaving them with fresh ideas and questions.

Gender & Sexual Identity
Social-Emotional Learning
Teaching Practice