What We Do and Why

Submitted By:
Sarah Cooper, Flintridge Preparatory School, La Canada, CA

Reframing Self-Care for Independent School Faculty
Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education, 2023

In this moment of renewing ourselves in the wake of the pandemic's impact on education, a book on self-care by the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education could not be more welcome. The daily dilemma we face appears poignantly on the first page: "Our job entails an outpouring of giving, and when it's done well, something magical happens." Yet independent schools are now filled with "tired faculties, teachers[,] and administrators wondering how long they can sustain the pace." Every independent school educator can feel seen in this compendium of nine essays by teachers, consultants, and writers – whether through chapters on neuroscience, grief work, administrative support, or being an educator of color. Along with reminders of the importance of self-care practices such as sleep, exercise, breathing, meditation, and time in nature, the authors also offer practical suggestions on school-specific topics, such as honoring the power of ritual, building relationships on campus, and anchoring new teachers. Educators will want to keep this gem on the shelf, pulling it out at moments of uncertainty to find solace from voices who understand what we do and why we do it.

Leadership Practice
Psychology & Human Development
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