Stephen Chan (history co-lead teacher) is the Head of Middle School at Viewpoint School, a K-12 day school in Calabasas, CA, where he also served as the Middle School Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion and Chair of Divisional Diversity Coordinators. He previously served as the Head of Middle School at Laguna Blanca School, dean of school at the Episcopal School of Los Angeles, and the chair of the Faculty Academic Committee at Harvard-Westlake School. Along the way, Steve has taught a variety of classes, including Debate, Civics, World History, US History, Information Literacy, and Geography. He earned a master’s degree in African history from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in history from Pomona College. In his free time, he seeks out obscure restaurants, mails out dozens of postcards, and travels as often as far afield as possible. He recently rescued two dogs from Korea.