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Klingbrief provides busy educators with a carefully-curated set of thought-provoking readings selected to support individual growth, spark essential conversations with colleagues, and inform decision-making in the classroom and across the school. Delivered monthly during the academic year, Klingbrief is created by independent school educators to support the global education community by providing resources that address both foundational questions of education and emerging challenges and opportunities facing educators today. 

Your recommendation of a useful article, impactful book, thought-provoking podcast or inspiring video is crucial for making Klingbrief relevant and useful to your fellow educators. Submissions are evaluated by the Klingbrief Editorial Board, a group of alumni volunteers, who select items for publication, giving consideration to relevance of the material and quality of the review. 

Along with fellow educators, the Klingbrief Editorial Board has great interest in generative AI’s ability to create written content and the ways AI tools might support and enrich the work we do. At the same time, we strongly believe in the value of writing that reflects and honors the authentic thinking of educators themselves. Klingbrief is unique because it is co-created by educators for the benefit of the independent and international school community. With this value in mind, we ask Klingbrief reviewers to continue to center the following practices: critically reading and engaging with the resource they’re reviewing; actively assessing the accuracy of their submissions; and grounding their reviews in their own unique and lived experiences. 

Submission Requirements

Prior to submitting your review, please review the criteria below and ensure that your chosen media item meets the requirements.

All submissions are peer reviewed and selected by an editorial board composed of Klingenstein alumni who seek work that provokes, inspires and has broad appeal. After reviewing the guidelines above, please use the form below to submit your Klingbrief.

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