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Klingbrief is a newsletter published monthly during the academic year that is electronically distributed to thousands educators around the world. We rely upon independent and international school colleagues like you to give us your thoughts on what you find most useful to your work. Your recommendation of an impactful article, thoughtful book or inspiring video is crucial for making Klingbrief relevant and useful.

Submission Requirements

Prior to submitting your review, please review the criteria below and ensure that your chosen media item meets the requirements. Please also use the search box below to ensure that your chosen item has not already been featured in Klingbrief.

All submissions are peer reviewed and selected by an editorial board composed of Klingenstein alumni who seek work that provokes, inspires and has broad appeal. When considering a selection, please search the archives to see if a piece has previously appeared in the publication.  

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Submissions received by the 15th of the month will be considered for that month's newsletter.

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